Thomas Stuart Smith, Elspeth King – Stirling Story 53 for 31 December 2014

145 years ago today, the artist Thomas Stuart Smith died in a hotel in Avignon. The death was sudden and unexpected. He had planned to be in Stirling to personally superintend the building of the Smith Institute in 1870-71, but he died of ‘apoplexy’ following a cold. He was buried

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The Art of Ailsa Black – Stirling Story 49 for 3 December 2014

The end of a significant year for Stirling, and the historic, 140th anniversary year for the Stirling Smith Art Gallery and Museum, will be brought to a colourful conclusion by an exhibition of the work of the Scottish artist Ailsa Black. Weather forecasters have promised a snow- free December, but

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Bannockburn 700 – Stirling Story no 25 for 18 June

There will be many commemorations for Bannockburn 700 throughout the world, wherever Scots meet. Bannockburn near Geelong in Victoria, Australia also has its own battle re-enactment scheduled for 22 June. Here in Stirling the Masonic societies in the Provincial Grand Lodge of Stirlingshire have had a commemorative dinner for over

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Bannockburns – First of the Bannockburn 700 lectures at the Smith

At 12 noon on Thursday 1 May, poet Robert Crawford will speak in the Stirling Smith Art Gallery and Museum on Bannockburns: Scottish Independence and Literary Imagination, 1314 – 2014, which is the subject of his latest book. This is a rare opportunity to meet one of Scotland’s leading poets

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The Stirling Observer Christmas Numbers are now the history journals of their times. There are many copies in the Stirling Smith Art Gallery and Museum collections

Stirling Observer Christmas

The Stirling Observer  Christmas Numbers are now the history journals of their times.  This issue for 25 December 1949 is a recent gift to the Stirling Smith by Finlay Lumsden of Deanston, and is a window into the world of Stirling, 65 years ago. The cover is by Sandford Morley

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Local artist June Careys' The Second calling is purchased for the Stirling Smith Art Gallery and Museum collections

A Traveller’s Dreams, June Carey

The June Carey exhibition continues at the Stirling Smith until 10 January.  Born, raised and still resident in Stirling, June Carey is a Scottish artist with and international reputation.  The Smith has purchased this work in pastel from the exhibition, with the support of the Stirling Common Good Fund.  The

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Next year is an important anniversary for Stirling Station. In 1914, the architect James Miller rebuilt and remodelled it to meet the needs of the 20th century.

Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of Stirling Railway Station

The railway came to Stirling through an Act of Parliament of 1845, bringing trade and tourism in a big way, and altering Stirling’s outlook and travelling habits. The advent of the railway saw the end of cattle droving; within 50 years, the great trysts of Doune and Falkirk had ceased,

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The Hay Harvest by M. Fleming Struthers

 Struthers was a prolific artist, who exhibited regularly in the Smith and in other local exhibitions.  Very little is known about him, and this is currently the only work of his in a public collection.  The painting celebrates the glory of a Stirling hay harvest and the construction of hay

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