Smith Art Gallery and Museum

About the Museum

The Stirling Smith Art Gallery & Museum, founded in 1874 with the bequest and collection of the artist Thomas Stuart Smith (1815–1869) on land provided by the burgh of Stirling, still operates under the modified trust deed of its founder. From the earliest times, the spectacular Stirling landscape was a magnet for artists as well as tourists.

The Stirling Smith is registered as a charity with the Inland Revenue (SCO16162).

Outside the Smith Art Gallery and Museum

The Smith Staff

Staff and Volunteers at the Stirling Smith working together to create the best possible visitor experience at the Stirling Smith are a dedicated team of staff members and volunteers, ready to answer your questions and help guests enjoy the services of the art gallery and museum.

  • Enija Zelmene

  • Heather Carroll

  • Nicola Wilson

  • Caroline Mathers