Unfortunately due to COVID-19, we are suspending our volunteer and internship programmes until further notice.  Thank you for your interest in supporting the Smith at this time.

The Museum has a mixed collection of 40,000 items from art to archaeology, all of which are computerised, but most of which require editing and digitisation work. At present we have about 6000 images on our database. Volunteers and interns will be trained in cataloguing techniques and use of photography and scanning. We also occasionally have opportunities in exhibition preparation and dismantling.


If you have secured funding for an Internship within the cultural sector.   Please conact us to discuss your interests and requirements.  We will let you know if we can offer a suitable position as an intern.

Unfortunately we are currently unavailable to provide funding for internships.


The Smith has for a number of years encouraged volunteering as part of our collections cataloguing and research efforts particularly for those interested in a career in the cultural sector. Volunteers are provided with a basic training in all aspects of curatorial work and set tasks, projects and lecturing opportunities, if time permits.

What can you expect

  • We will provide all training in the use of our cataloguing systems.
  • You will be trained in handling museum objects including some of the rarest items in the collections
  • You will be trained in digital and photographic processes.
  • You will be shown the need for accurate research.
  • You will be helped with the preparation of personal information through CV’s and online resources and also with interview and lecturing skills.
  • You will be given a set task or project (depending on time) and with an outcome such as a publication or lecture.
  • You will be allowed to assist with exhibitions( subject to time constraints)
    Voluntary work experience is a powerful addition to your future CV

What we expect of you

  • Good communication computer and organisation skills
  • A friendly manner and enjoy working in a small team of other volunteers and professional staff
  • Genuine interest in the museum and collections
  • Good attention to detail