60 for 60 by Catherine King

This collection of paintings, drawings and prints by Catherine King began as a celebration of the fabulous caring, supportive, inspiring and interesting people in her life, both ordinary and extraordinary. The challenge to make 52 portraits of women has become 60 as the body of work grew to include her special men and to be launched on her 60th Birthday. Included are family, long term friends, artists, musicians, life models, tango dancers and an entirely imaginary portrait of Mary Queen of Scots.

“I drew constantly from childhood and was caught up in the romance of historical figures copied from the portraits in books in my home. I continued to draw the human form, life drawing and observational sketches gathered from stolen moments in cafes, airports ferries and events. I have never concentrated specifically on portrait, rarely trying to capture a “likeness”. This challenge has been life affirming, cathartic, inspiring, and exciting, it is not complete. I have so many more wonderful people still to capture. I had never before realised just how important this collection of people are to me.”

  • Mon 5th August - Sat 28th September 2019
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