John Allan, Architect



John Allan (1847-1922) created some of Stirling’s most striking and unusual buildings.  His designs used red brick, steel and lead combined with carved creamy stonework to create distinctive tenements, shops and dwellings.  His use of symbols and mottoes make his buildings particularly memorable.  Wolfcraig, Batterflats and numerous villas in Kings Park show the incredible range of his design skills.

170 years after he was born, this exhibition celebrates the work of John Allan and considers his architectural styles, the use of particular building materials as well as his enthusiasm for symbolism.  It will feature work by pupils from Allans Primary School who have been working with artist Iona Leishman to explore the architecture of several John Allan buildings in Stirling.

This event is being funded by Stirling City Heritage Trust, working in partnership with Stirling Local History Society, Stirling Council Archives and the Stirling Smith Museum and Art Gallery. A booklet on John Allan is also to be published in spring 2017.

A booklet on John Allan is now available from the Stirling Smith.