MACH2 by David & Robert Mach

The Stirling Smith Art Gallery & Museum is pleased to herald their 150th anniversary with the first joint exhibition of David and Robert Mach.

MACH2 brings together the two artists’ colourful and thought-provoking artwork.  Heavily influenced by the pop art movement, the Mach brothers are attracted to everyday objects as both subjects and as an artistic medium.  Far from ordinary, the resulting artwork is a transformation into the unexpected.

David has created a large and diverse body of artworks using regular coloured headed dressmaking pins. Sculptures, vases, and portraits appear in a multiplicity of colours and finishes, with works ranging from the small and simple, made using a few hundred pins to the large and complex, constructed from many thousands. They have featured in exhibitions around the world, from London to New York and Hong Kong and now for the first time they are shown in Scotland.

Previously these pin creations have appeared alongside a broader range of David’s artwork, but this is also the first time the different pin pieces have come together to form a complete body of work.

David said, ‘I’m absolutely delighted to have the chance to show the different pin works together and especially to have the opportunities to bring them to Scotland and the Smith’.

For this joint exhibition with his brother, Robert has created a series of new works with his signature use of foil sweet wrappers, often referencing icons from art history. Although he has been working with foil wrappers for many years, Robert has endeavoured to discover a more diverse and deeper relationship with his materials and is looking forward to sharing his newfound artistic discoveries at MACH2.  ‘The Smith welcomes broad exploration,’ said Robert ‘and my intention is to make the best use of the freedom the gallery encourages.’

The exhibition will also contain joint works that David and Robert have produced especially for this show at The Smith.

  • Wed 24th January - Sun 7th April 2024
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