Meanderings: A Walk Through The Smith’s Collection

As part of the Stirling Smith’s wellbeing programme we bring you Meanderings: A Walk Through The Smith’s Collection. During lockdown many of us enjoyed a daily walk in our local area and began to appreciate the beauty on our doorsteps. Exploring trails, learning about our towns and villages, and discovering new favourite walks provided positive experiences in an unfamiliar situation. Meanderings extends these walks into the art gallery, displaying prints and paintings that celebrate the great outdoors.

Visitors are invited to wander through our art exhibition and reflect on their own outdoor ventures that occurred while most businesses were closed. This exhibition will transport you back in time to some memorable local landscapes and new ones. Take a journey with us to the coast for some fresh sea air, a stroll as night descends, or find inspiration for your next walk.

You can view Meanderings in our virtual gallery on ArtUK.

  • Sat 12th December - Mon 16th August 2021
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