Seize the Clay by Kathleen Morison, Elaine Hill, and Rebecca Pankhurst

The Smith’s latest exhibition Seize the Clay explores the versatility of ceramics through the work of three local potters.

Kathleen Morison, Elaine Hill, and Rebecca Pankhurst are three ceramicists who began their pottery careers from the same studio. Together, they learn through one another, share kilns, and inspire each other’s practice. Despite this close working relationship, each potter has a distinct style that results in truly unique clay pieces.

In addition to using more traditional ceramics, all three artists are attracted to alternative firing techniques that can produce unpredictable, yet beautiful results. These alternative firings include a technique from Japan known as Raku, firing pots in bins for several hours with organic materials, and using the highly dangerous ferric chloride to create abstract patterns. The variety of one-of-a-kind pieces will capture the interest of collectors and Great Pottery Throwdown fans alike.


  • Wed 9th November - Sun 22nd January 2023
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