The Perfect Foil by Robert Mach

The Stirling Smith Art Gallery & Museum is delighted to welcome a major exhibition of works by Robert Mach.

Like the perfect foil in a good book or drama, Robert Mach’s artwork often combine contrasting elements.  Using familiar confectionery wrappers Mach applies foil to iconic images and objects, transforming the everyday in to the extraordinary.

Confectionery foils are used to protect and promote the sweetie within in an attractive and appealing way.  However, once that confectionery is consumed, the foils are often cast away without a second thought.  Mach seeks to reuse the material, explore how it works, and how it speaks to us.  Often it is not only the foil that he re-purposes for his artwork but the object itself.  Broken frames, discarded décor, and found objects form the basis of many of his artworks.  These unexpected pairings result in fantastical figures of nostalgia and awe.

Mach’s work has featured at the RA and RSA and he has exhibited widely across the UK and internationally. In addition to his solo work, he loves to work with other artists and this exhibition includes his first major collaboration with his brother David and the second in a series of vases with ceramicist Simon Ward.

  • Thu 2nd September - Sun 14th November 2021
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