Unfortunately due to COVID-19, we are suspending our education programme until further notice. Thank you for your support of the Smith at this time.

Secondary Schools


  • Art of Debate
  • Art Appreciation
  • Assembly inspirational talks - aspirations, values - you suggest, we can do!
  • World War I & II
  • Wars of Independence



Primary Schools

The workshop will be tailored to suit your children’s stage. There will be both age-appropriate and deliberately stretching reading in use.

Pair and share techniques will keep everyone involved.

There will be humour and empathetic experiences.

In most cases, the workshop or assembly will involve a powerpoint. Where possible, real museum artefacts will connect your children to the story. (And, if possible, they can handle these!)

Most workshops are about 40- 60 minutes, but we can be totally flexible. Younger classes or nursery will want less.

You can double with another class if it suits better.

Primary Topics include

  • Africa Today
  • Art of Debate
  • Celts & Picts
  • Famous Scots
  • Grandparents Days
  • Homes in Past
  • Jacobites
  • River Forth & Bridges
  • Romans
  • Scots Language
  • Victorians
  • Vikings
  • Wallace & Bruce
  • World War I & II

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The children in P6 and 7 thoroughly enjoyed their experience of working with the Stirling Smith Art Gallery and partners, to produce ‘The Great Strathblane Story’.  It was a superb learning experience which involved every child,  regardless of their ability,  and gave all children the opportunity to shine.

Learning the history of the local community in such a vibrant and active way has made the learning interactive and fun and directly reflects the philosophy of Curriculum for Excellence. 

‘I loved doing this. It made learning so much fun!’ and ‘I wish we could do it again.’  pupils from Strathblane Primary

To top it all off this was achieved in a short time frame, with minimum disruption in school and was seamlessly co-ordinated .

Thank you for giving our school an experience never to be forgotten.

Making history while learning about our history. Now that is something special!

K S Cassidy

Head Teacher

Strathblane Primary School

Expand Your Package

You may want two or three parts to your package:

Perhaps in say, the World War 2 or Victorians contexts, a classroom practical workshop could have in addition The Scary Teacher dramatic experience.

You may also ask for a visit to the Museum where our experienced Volunteer Guides will split your class into groups and rotate round several shorter practical activities.

Class Visit Risk Assessment