Discovering Bakehouse Close, Edinburgh

 Volunteering at the Stirling Smith Art Gallery & Museum brings many opportunities to handle and view important and interesting artefacts and collections

A recent bequest of glass negatives and photographs taken by a local man named  Thomas. W. J. Leishman in the late 19th – early 20th Century is a prime example

  This week’s image is a photograph included in a series of views of Edinburgh


Using my personal knowledge of Edinburgh it was fairly easy to reach the conclusion that it was taken in the Old Town

By utilising Google Maps I was able to determine the names of all the “Closes” off the Royal Mile and having also used Google Search to check for images of said “Closes” I came upon Bakehouse Close

Further investigation, using various Websites, provided more information about the history of Bakehouse Close which can still be visited today

“Bakehouse Close is one of the best-known closes leading off the ancient fishbone spine of the old Canongate burgh. The close can be found to the rear of Huntley House and takes its name from the Incorporation of Bakers of the Canongate who owned property on the west side of the close. Interestingly in 1851, 230 people lived here.”

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