St Margaret’s Day

img_7079-margaret-sizeToday is St Margaret’s day. She is one of the national saints of Scotland who came here 950 years ago, a refugee from the Norman invaders of England in 1066. She was an English princess of the House of Wessex, sister of Edgar Ætheling, the short-ruling and uncrowned Anglo-Saxon English king. In 1070 she married King Malcolm Canmore, whose royal court was in Dunfermline.

Stirling has had a long association with Margaret, as she granted lands here to Dunfermline Abbey and founded the first schools. She features on the coat of arms of the old High School of Stirling, and in their war memorial window. The Catholic Church in Raploch is dedicated to her.

The window here is, in Holy Trinity Episcopal Church in Dumbarton Road, and is by the English stained glass artist, Charles Eamer Kempe (1837–1907), who was commissioned to do a series on the saints. The window was done in memory of parishioner Georgina Vetch, who died May 11th 1890. Kempe operated a major stained glass studio with over 100 employees, producing windows for episcopal churches world –wide, and was the favoured artist of the Scottish Episcopal Church.

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