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Croftamie Primary School

A little insight into the history of Croftamie Primary School is offered through the gift of the family of the late Ailsa Stirling (1927 – 2016), who was head teacher of the school, 1967 – 1992. She was very well known in the field of education, speaking of her experience as a teacher in a rural area at conferences in several Scandinavian countries and elsewhere.

Shown here are some of the teaching aids used by Ailsa during her time as a teacher – the belt or ‘Lochgelly’ strap used to control unruly pupils, until banned by the European Court of Human Rights in 1982, the school bell, which was a simple hand bell, cracked through use and repaired with solder, and a poster from the 1930s, one of a complete set of 84, showing scenes from daily life from the local to the international. With an interest in the history of teaching, she also had a box of Cuisenaire rods, developed by the educational specialist Georges Cuisenaire and used for teaching mathematics in the 1950s as well as a good selection of hobby and crafting books.

When Croftamie Primary School closed and the remaining pupils were transferred to Drymen, Ailsa Stirling wrote a complete history of the school, 1907 – 1997, which is part of the record

NB: Photo by Forth Valley College student volunteer Alan Gardiner

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