International Recognition for The Stirling Smith Collections

St Fillans Chains

International Recognition for the Stirling Smith Collections


Whilst many Scottish Museums have participated in the National Recognition Scheme for museum collections, the Stirling Smith has been given the gift of international recognition. 

 For over a year, the Smith has worked in partnership with the Australian Research Council’s Centre of Excellence for the History of Emotions, based at the University of Western Australia.

Smith curator Michael McGinnes has been twice invited to speak in Australia, and this month, Professor Susan Broomhall from Perth, Australia, visits Stirling to present the fruits of a student project in the form of a series of six greetings cards featuring Smith objects.  The objects have been researched by different students and the cards designed and presented in ways which will engage, intrigue and enlighten the recipient.

 Colin O’Brien, Chairman of the Smith Trustees said;

 “I am thrilled that students from the other side of the world have recognised the beauty and the significance of some of the objects in the Smith’s rich social history collections.  I am sure that the publication of these lovely cards will lead to a greater appreciation of all that we have in the Stirling Smith.”

 Some of the objects, like the six links of a chain from the healing pool of St. Fillan at Killin, have no intrinsic value.  The thought of being chained up overnight, out of doors and in a remote place, as a cure for mental illness, is a chilling one.  The card seeks to engage the emotions and senses of the reader and to lead them to a deeper appreciation of the social and historical value of museums and museum collections.susan broomhall and Provost Mike Robbins

The cards go on sale this week. For further details, contact

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