Agricultural Traction Engine

Childhood has changed so much since the early 20th Century   Today, electronic gadgets and games have replaced the fun of getting out into the fresh air, and experiencing life

The boy and girl in this image, would appear to be having a great time playing on the steam traction engine, which must have been for agricultural use given its location

Who knows maybe the boy (or girl) grew up to become an engineer influenced by their experiences playing on this engine

Health and Safety has come to rule so much of what we can and can’t do, in the modern world, our own children and grandchildren don’t have the same freedom and opportunity that our ancestors’ or indeed our own generation enjoyed

Children grow up so fast these days that the innocence and fun of childhood is over so very quickly

I fondly remember my own childhood, 40 odd years ago, when my pals and I had the freedom to roam free   Playing in the Kings Knot, making dens amongst the trees and shrubs of the Back Walk, having a “piece and jelly” while watching the golfers at the King’s Park;

Harmless fun and many happy memories with no need for the gadgets, phones, iPad etc. that are now seen as essential by the youngsters of today

Locally, the Drymen Show takes place on Saturday 27th of May this year, and has a “Vintage Tractor and Machinery”  Exhibitors Section as well as the Loch Katrine Steam Weekend.  Both great opportunities for children (and adults) to experience life as it used to be.  Just be sure to leave all the gadgets at home!


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