Fintry Primary School – 1839-1961

This week’s image was included in a series of views taken around the village of Fintry

On the front of the building a clock is clearly visible

The building had been the local school   Financed by a Mr John Stewart, a retired Fintry merchant, it was named after him – “Stewart’s School”

In use from 1839-1961 it then became a Community Centre and is now I understand a private dwelling

I remember a saying that adults used to quote when I was young…..

“School days are the happiest days of your life so make the most of them”

……..I always thought this was just a lot nonsense

In hindsight they were of course correct

There were only two real downsides to school:-

  1. the amount of homework you were given, and
  2. the dreaded Strap

To my credit I never received “The Belt” not because I was a perfect angel only because I never got caught!

The plus points were way more fun with furtive kisses to steal, the innocent holding of hands, “important” secrets to be shared, wondering who you would dance with at the School Disco, the excitement of receiving a Valentine’s Card with S.W.A.L.K written on the back and if you were really lucky (or loved) a lipstick kiss!   The boys played “British Bulldogs” or tried to set things on fire with magnifying glasses (luckily the Scottish Weather wasn’t conducive with fire lighting)   The girls meanwhile played weird hand games, singing rhymes to go along with them, or made Cats Cradles out of string!

The School Holiday’s seemed to just go on forever and it was a real cultural shock when you went to the High School   Suddenly you had to work your way back to the top again – life just wasn’t fair

Today childhood ends way too early   A sign of the times many will say, a real shame say I, innocence lost can never be recovered

Childhood is precious   Far too quickly children grow up and have to make their own way in the world   The times we live in are full of worry, danger, threats and pain   Childhood should last as long as possible for all too soon reality strikes and life loses much of its mystery and magic

Anything and Everything seemed possible when you were a child

Adulthood itself brings with it many pluses, but there will always be a bit of the “Little Boy” in me, stealing kisses behind the Bike Sheds


  1. REPLY
    Caroline Russell ( Petherick ) says

    I went to school there in 1952 , lived over that bridge , police station next door .

  2. REPLY
    Elaine Eggleton says

    I also went to Fintry school for a year in 1953 my parents owned the tearoom opposite.

  3. REPLY
    Scott Walker says

    i didnt go to school here as there was a new one at the top of Culcreuch avenue by the time it was my time to attend in 1977, but we did use the old school house as first a nursery. I remember a biscuit & glass of milk here every day, then later as the venue where we attended the cubs, brownies & guides and later still as a youth club. it is indeed a dwelling house now and has been beautifully modified to suit without stealing away any character.

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