European Volunteering at the Stirling Smith

The Stirling Smith is very proud of all our interns and volunteers, past and present who have made such a positive impact on the Stirling Smith and its staff.

On Monday 10th August 2015 we welcomed Christina Flöehr for a 4 week internship. The experience will support her Applied Museology/Museum Studies (Bachelor of Arts) at Leipzig University.

Christina is one of several international volunteers/interns who support the Smith. She joins Alice Maraner from Italy, Matilde Marcaux, Belgium and Zita Babarczi, Hungary.

In addition to the outstanding support from our own UK volunteers. The opportunity to see the collections explored from an alternative European viewpoint helps us develop methods of communicating the emotional connections of our objects.

For our volunteers and interns? The same opportunity is available allowing a unique insight into Scottish culture

In fact Christina provided such a valuable insight as she worked on the Smith’s new exhibition in Gallery 1 – A Stirling 100.  An exhibition created by Stirling University.

Christina and Mathilde both worked to mount the exhibition boards. Christina then chose relevant objects from the museum’s World War I collections, for the display cases.

There is a great opportunity to build connections and collaborate with a diverse range of cultural, heritage and educational institutions across Europe.

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