Remembering Bannockburn the Bannockburn Brooch

Remembering Bannockburn.The brand new visitor centre, interpreting the Battle of Bannockburn, will satisfy every question, about the momentous events of 23-24 June 1314, when it opens later this year.  It is 50 years since the old visitor centre opened, to join the great flagpole, put up in 1870 to enable people to find the site.  For 500 years before that, there was nothing to indicate the site except the Borestone, the stone in which king Robert the Bruce was said to have planted his standard.

Yet the cry, ‘Remember Bannockburn!’ has rung down the centuries, the Bannockburn 700 exhibition at the Smith will chart how this has been done.

Shown here is a silver brooch in the form of Bruce’s battle axe, made by Drummond of Stirling and hallmarked in 1892.  As there was no visitor centre then, these were sold at the Wallace Monument at a cost of two shillings and sixpence, together with the Wallace Sword and Wallace monument brooches.  Gold brooches “in a neat box, inscribed A Present from the Wallace Monument, Stirling” were sold at ten shillings and sixpence.  At this time, the Wallace Monument was the premier visitor attraction with a large dining hall and “a superior piano free to visitors.”


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    Karol Ryan says

    I have one of these axes with the original purchase receipt. It was handed down from my grandmother

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