Bruce and de Bohun

With the approach of the 704th anniversary of the Battle of Bannockburn this weekend, it is worth re-visiting one of the Smith’s more famous paintings. ‘Bruce and de Bohun’ was painted by artist John Duncan (1866 – 1945) as an entry in the national competition run by Kelvingrove Art Gallery

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Robert the Bruce, Christian Cardell Corbett, The Stirling Smith Art Gallery and Museum

The New Face of Robert the Bruce

Yesterday was a monumental day for the Stirling Smith, when the new bronze portrait of King Robert the Bruce is unveiled by his descendant Lord Bruce.  The portrait combines the research of Andrew Nelson, Professor of Anthropology of Western University, Ontario, with the work of forensic sculptor Christian Corbet, Sculptor

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King Robert the Bruce    

The story of King Robert the Bruce has been told and re-told ever since he captured England’s best poet, Robert Baston, at the battle of Bannockburn and made him write a poem on the great Scottish victory. Baston took 20 years to do it, and there have been many versions

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A London view of the Battle of Bannockburn, Liz Knutt

The Bannockburn exhibition at the Smith has some interesting new works of art. This painting, oil on panel, of Bruce slaying de Bohun is by the highly acclaimed London artist, Liz Knutt, who belongs to the Teddington Group. Liz Knutt trained at Edinburgh College of Art and spent many years

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James Wedlake Bannockburn 700

James gives us an insight into the Smith’s own Bannockburn exhibition on the Art in Scotland TV webchannel.

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The Bruce by John Barbour

The Declaration of Arbroath, sent by the barons and nobles of Scotland to the Pope on 6 April 1320, was a document which underlined the freedom won at Bannockburn and shaped political thought in Scotland and elsewhere thereafter. This version was stitched as part of the Smith’s 2014 banner by

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Robert the Bruce

The Bannockburn 700 exhibition at the Stirling Smith looks at how Bannockburn has been remembered and memorialised over the past 700 years. The royal victor, King Robert the Bruce, has also been portrayed by artists and sculptors in so many different ways. Shown here is a figurine in porcelain by

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Remembering Bannockburn.

Remembering Bannockburn the Bannockburn Brooch

The brand new visitor centre, interpreting the Battle of Bannockburn, will satisfy every question, about the momentous events of 23-24 June 1314, when it opens later this year.  It is 50 years since the old visitor centre opened, to join the great flagpole, put up in 1870 to enable people

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Battle of Bannockbur Anniversary Celebrations, 1914

Celebrating Bannockburn

The 700th anniversary of the Battle of Bannockburn, 23-24 June 1314, is now less than a year away.  Pictured here is a flower covered car from the 600th anniversary in 1914, one of a series of photos in the Smith’s collection showing the great pageant procession through Stirling, from King’s

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