Stirling Royal Infirmary magazine

Many people wonder about the value of museum collections and the cost of keeping items from the past. This latest Stirling Smith acquisition, a magazine of 1960, tells us so much about the social history of the town. The art work on the cover dates to 1948 and was done

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Stirling Bridge by Iona Leishman

11 September is the 718th anniversary of the Battle of Stirling Bridge, the battle which William Wallace and Andrew de Moray won, against all the odds, and an English army of invasion. This small, spirited work of 2010 was gifted to the Smith collections by Friend of the Smith Moira

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Local artist June Careys' The Second calling is purchased for the Stirling Smith Art Gallery and Museum collections

A Traveller’s Dreams, June Carey

The June Carey exhibition continues at the Stirling Smith until 10 January.  Born, raised and still resident in Stirling, June Carey is a Scottish artist with and international reputation.  The Smith has purchased this work in pastel from the exhibition, with the support of the Stirling Common Good Fund.  The

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