Gartincaber Tower -The Heart of Scotland

‘Stirling, Scotland’s Heart’ was an advertising campaign of 2012, but the idea has been current for much longer.  In 1799, Gartincaber Tower was built by William Murdoch of Gartincaber House on a hill to the east of Doune to mark the centre of Scotland. There are different ways of calculating

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Next year is an important anniversary for Stirling Station. In 1914, the architect James Miller rebuilt and remodelled it to meet the needs of the 20th century.

Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of Stirling Railway Station

The railway came to Stirling through an Act of Parliament of 1845, bringing trade and tourism in a big way, and altering Stirling’s outlook and travelling habits. The advent of the railway saw the end of cattle droving; within 50 years, the great trysts of Doune and Falkirk had ceased,

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