Butt Well, Stirling

  A well- known landmark, to locals at least, the Butt Well is unfortunately not on the “Bucket List” of most Tourists visiting Stirling Until I came across the image, while volunteering at The Smith, I am ashamed to say that it was a local landmark of which I had

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The Stirling to Cowie Bus, Forsyth’s Motor Bus Services

Here is a modern tribute to Forsyth’s Motor Bus Services. The company was set up by Thomas Forsyth and his wife Margaret Dickson in 1922, with a fleet of six buses. By 1925-6, he had twelve driver and conductor licenses. The service was run from Plean-Bannockburn-St Ninians-Stirling. He owned a

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Agricultural Traction Engine

Childhood has changed so much since the early 20th Century   Today, electronic gadgets and games have replaced the fun of getting out into the fresh air, and experiencing life The boy and girl in this image, would appear to be having a great time playing on the steam traction engine,

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Heel of the Dr Chalmers worn as he walked out of the general assembly and created teh Free Church of Scotland

Turning Point of History

This object from the Stirling Smith collections marked a literal turning point in the history of Scotland.  The iron boot heel was highly prized in its time, and the purchaser paid 10 guineas for it, a sum of about £6,000 in today’s prices.  The label is inscribed ‘Heel of the

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Keir Hardie and Merthyr Tydfyl

  A 1910 parliamentary election poster for Merthyr in South Wales may seem to have no connection with Stirling, but it is one of the documents on display in the Graham Library in the Stirling Smith Art Gallery and Museum.  The aristocrat, Robert Bontine Cunninghame Graham (1852-1936) and the miner

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Discovering Bakehouse Close, Edinburgh

 Volunteering at the Stirling Smith Art Gallery & Museum brings many opportunities to handle and view important and interesting artefacts and collections A recent bequest of glass negatives and photographs taken by a local man named  Thomas. W. J. Leishman in the late 19th – early 20th Century is a

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Robert the Bruce, Christian Cardell Corbett, The Stirling Smith Art Gallery and Museum

The New Face of Robert the Bruce

Yesterday was a monumental day for the Stirling Smith, when the new bronze portrait of King Robert the Bruce is unveiled by his descendant Lord Bruce.  The portrait combines the research of Andrew Nelson, Professor of Anthropology of Western University, Ontario, with the work of forensic sculptor Christian Corbet, Sculptor

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Nursing - Stirling

Nurse Jean Sloan of Stirling Royal Infirmary (Nursing)

Today we look back 30 years, to the time when nurses could be immediately identified by their uniform and badges.   This photograph is one of a small collection gifted to the Stirling Smith, together with nursing badges.  Nurse Sloan wears the green cap band of the State Enrolled Nurse and

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Door to Carnock House

The great front door of Carnock House was donated to the Stirling Smith Art Gallery and Museum in 1938 by the Carron Iron Company, prior to the demolition of 1940. It is built of three thicknesses of wood, strengthened with big iron studs. An unusual feature is the loophole near

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Old Stirling Bridge, 1915 by James Bisset Crockart, (1885 - 1974)

Old Stirling Bridge

11th September is the 716th anniversary of William Wallace’s famous victory of the Battle of Stirling Bridge and to mark it is a painting of Old Stirling Bridge, 1915 by James Bisset Crockart (1885 – 1974).  This purchase was made possible with grants from the Stirling Common Good Fund and

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