Image show portrait of Queen Caroline of Ansbach (1683 -1737)

Queen Caroline of Ansbach (1683 -1737)

Queen Caroline is one of the larger portraits in the Smith collections. With paintings of her husband, King George 11 and his father, King George 1, she has been in Stirling since 1720, when she was commissioned for the Tolbooth. She is represented with the regalia and symbols of the

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Alexander Bonar of Ratho (1750 – 1820), Sir Henry Raeburn

Earlier this year, the Stirling Smith received an important bequest of a Raeburn portrait from the late Bruce Ritchie of Allan Park. Sir Henry Raeburn was the foremost Scottish portrait painter of his time, and this is the first Raeburn portrait to come into the Smith collections. The subject of

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Unveiling the Raeburn

The Smith’s first portrait by Sir Henry Raeburn, a bequest by the late Bruce Ritchie of Allan Park, was unveiled by the Right Honourable Sir George Reid.  The event marked the end of the building contract to renew the roof of the Smith.  Sir George pointed out that the subject,

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