The Fountain of Helicon

There are many rare and unusual pieces in the Stirling Smith collections, and the Fountain of Helicon is one of them. Time has not been kind to it, and it has been in store since the 1960s. We are currently seeking an appraisal for cleaning and restoration. This extraordinary work

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Robert the Bruce, Christian Cardell Corbett, The Stirling Smith Art Gallery and Museum

The New Face of Robert the Bruce

Yesterday was a monumental day for the Stirling Smith, when the new bronze portrait of King Robert the Bruce is unveiled by his descendant Lord Bruce.  The portrait combines the research of Andrew Nelson, Professor of Anthropology of Western University, Ontario, with the work of forensic sculptor Christian Corbet, Sculptor

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Ronald A Muirhead, Sculptor by James Wallace Robert Orr

Ronald A Muirhead (1930 – 1989) was an artist and gallery owner who enriched the lives of the people of Stirlingshire, and his portrait by James Robert Wallace Orr, in the Stirling Smith collections, reflects his artistic interests. The sculpture on the table is his own, and the view into

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