First day as an Intern – Nele Thorrez

Intern Nele Thorrez Nationality: Belgian Studies: Master Degree: audio visual and visual art, department Photography, Sint-Lukas, Brussels On a 4 month internship funded by On the first day of my internship Iwas able to see the restoration of a painting. I need to say: Waw! I’ve never seen it

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Guardians of Scotland Trust

The exhibition of the six finalists in the Guardians of Scotland Trust competition for the design of an artwork to commemorate the part of both William Wallace and Andrew de Moray continues at the Stirling Smith Art Gallery and Museum until 21 February. Moray died not long after the battle

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Drouthy Neebours, The Great Art Quest

Today’s story is about the up and coming generation of Stirling artists. This painting by Liam McQueen of Riverside Primary School is one of many in the Great Art Quest exhibition at the Stirling Smith Art Gallery and Museum which takes its inspiration from Robert Burns’ great poem Tam O’

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Day Dress

Sewing Sample Day Dress, by Matilda Murdoch, 1839

The Stirling Smith does not have a large collection of costume, but this is one of 26 items, sewn by eight year old Matilda Murdoch in 1839. Each piece of clothing is a sewing sample, produced to demonstrate how the stitching should be done. This dress is no more than

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A Rare Stirling Gift, Mauchlineware Souvenir

Today, visitors expect – and get – quality souvenirs at our visitor attractions. Today’s object from the Smith collections is a souvenir which is at least 155 years old, and was sold in the Douglas Room within Stirling Castle. It is a bound book containing frames for 48 cartes de

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I saw Mommy kissing Santa Claus, Tommie Connor

Today’s story features a popular song sheet from the Stirling Smith collections. British song writer Tommie Connor produced both the music and lyrics for ‘I saw Mommy kissing Santa Claus’, which has been a regular hit in the charts since it was first recorded in 1952. It was commissioned by

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Stirling Christmas Card

Stirling Christmas Card, 1904

The view may be familiar but the Christmas card is from another era – from the time when Stirling was a printing and publishing town, and when the words from Sir Walter Scott’s Lady of the Lake about ‘the bulwark of the North, Grey Stirling with her towers and town’

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Kitchen Vegetables

Kitchen Vegetables, Thomas Stuart Smith

This is one of many small works in oils, by the artist Thomas Stuart Smith (1815-1869) founder of the Stirling Smith Art Gallery and Museum through his bequest. According to his fellow artist James Orrock, Smith was ‘a man who could paint anything’ and the beauty of his brush work,

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Timberyard in the Snow

Timberyard in the Snow, Henry Morley

This small painting is the latest addition to the Stirling Smith collections. It was secured in a prestigious Edinburgh saleroom, where it was wrongly labelled as ‘Edinburgh Timberyard in the Snow’. Friend of the Smith Robin Campbell bid on behalf of the museum. It is of course, a Stirling timberyard

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Stirling Swords

Stirling Swordsmiths

With the recent 300th anniversary of the Battle of Sherriffmuir, we should remember that in the 18th century, Stirling was a place known for the manufacture of quality swords and other weapons. Among the noted manufacturers of basket-hilted broadswords were John Allan senior and junior and Walter Allan who produced

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