Kitchen Vegetables

Kitchen Vegetables, Thomas Stuart Smith

This is one of many small works in oils, by the artist Thomas Stuart Smith (1815-1869) founder of the Stirling Smith Art Gallery and Museum through his bequest. According to his fellow artist James Orrock, Smith was ‘a man who could paint anything’ and the beauty of his brush work,

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Timberyard in the Snow

Timberyard in the Snow, Henry Morley

This small painting is the latest addition to the Stirling Smith collections. It was secured in a prestigious Edinburgh saleroom, where it was wrongly labelled as ‘Edinburgh Timberyard in the Snow’. Friend of the Smith Robin Campbell bid on behalf of the museum. It is of course, a Stirling timberyard

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Stirling Swords

Stirling Swordsmiths

With the recent 300th anniversary of the Battle of Sherriffmuir, we should remember that in the 18th century, Stirling was a place known for the manufacture of quality swords and other weapons. Among the noted manufacturers of basket-hilted broadswords were John Allan senior and junior and Walter Allan who produced

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Talk o’ the Toun

Talk o’ the Toun, Queen Elizabeth II Visits Stirling

In many ways, the top o’ the toun has always been the talk o’ the toun, for the old town of Stirling from Castlehill to the bottom of King Street is the town scape which visitors understand to be the essential Stirling. This is the Stirling which has delighted and

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St. Crispin in Stirling

A glance at the Voice of the People columns in the Observer shows Stirling to be a busy place, with many special interest groups and societies. Societies have changed with the times, and with the first Stirling newspaper appearing in 1820, it is difficult to find the information on the

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Nipple Protector

Heavy metal nipple guard or 18th Century boil sucker? Quizeum

Just one of the questions the panel faced as the Quizeum explored the collections of the Stirling Smith Art Gallery and Museum on Monday 23 November, 2015 Griff Rhys Jones was joined by Quizeum regulars Lars Tharp and Janina Ramirez.  And special guests, writer and broadcaster Hardeep Singh Kohli and

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Scottish Silver

Some of the best contemporary silver made in Scotland is currently on show in the Silver of the Stars exhibition in the Stirling Smith, sponsored by the Edinburgh Incorporation of Goldsmiths. The local star of the show is the work of Dunblane – based silver and goldsmith Graham Stewart who

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The Music of the Great War

The Stirling 100 exhibition, featuring the histories of 100 men from Stirling who fought and died in the Great War, finishes on Remembrance Sunday at the Stirling Smith Art Gallery and Museum. On Friday 6 November at 2pm 2017, Dr. James Smyth, one of the curators of the exhibition will

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Forthbank Carpet Works, 1934 – Industrial Stirling

Today’s story takes a look at Stirling’s lost industrial past and the workforce of the Forthbank Carpet Works. The workers are mainly women who were weavers and bobbin winders. Most lived in Raploch and walked to work every day. Note the brightly patterned cross- over ‘peenies’ or aprons which was

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