Stirling History & Archaeology - The Stirling Jug

The Stirling Jug

The Stirling Jug or Scots Pint is one of the oldest artefacts of the Royal Burgh of Stirling. Investigation by specialist staff at the National Museum of Scotland has dated the Stirling Jug to 1511, when it was manufactured at Edinburgh Castle by Robert Borthwick who was “maister meltare of

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‘Nightmare’ by James Hume Nisbet

One of the tasks of the Stirling Smith Art Gallery and Museum is to collect and show the works of important Stirling artists. ‘The Nightmare’ is a recently purchased gouache by Stirling born artist and writer James Hume Nisbet (1849 – 1923) who is largely unknown in Scotland today, but

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Celebrating Stirling’s 1st Printer

Stirling has a lot to be proud of in the field of history and heritage. At one time, from the late 19th to the mid 20th century, it was a printing and publishing town. However, it had a really early association with printing when Robert Lekpravik moved his printing press

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Gates of Death, 1969 by John Bellany

This painting came to the Stirling Smith from the Scottish Arts Council Bequest of 1998. John Bellany, CBE, RA, (1942 – 2013) graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in 1968. This picture is one of his earliest works, of which there are 128, in public collections in Britain. Throughout his

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The Lovers’ Last Lunch, Ian Thompson, 1997

The current exhibition at the Stirling Smith Art Gallery and Museum is Twentieth Century Art from the Smith’s Collection. This is one of about 60 works in the show, which runs until 14 August. Many different movements and styles are covered, and every decade of the century is represented. The

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image shows two silver communion goblets made by Johan Gottleif Bilsinds inscribed ‘The Communion Cups of the Kirk of Drymen 1732’

Drymen Communion Silver, 1732

Next Thursday (18 February) there will be a celebration at the Stirling Smith for the purchase of two silver cups, inscribed ‘The Communion Cups of the Kirk of Drymen 1732’. These are very rare communion vessels, made by émigré silversmith Johan Gottleiff Bilsinds of Glasgow. Only a very few examples

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Day Dress

Sewing Sample Day Dress, by Matilda Murdoch, 1839

The Stirling Smith does not have a large collection of costume, but this is one of 26 items, sewn by eight year old Matilda Murdoch in 1839. Each piece of clothing is a sewing sample, produced to demonstrate how the stitching should be done. This dress is no more than

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A Rare Stirling Gift, Mauchlineware Souvenir

Today, visitors expect – and get – quality souvenirs at our visitor attractions. Today’s object from the Smith collections is a souvenir which is at least 155 years old, and was sold in the Douglas Room within Stirling Castle. It is a bound book containing frames for 48 cartes de

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I saw Mommy kissing Santa Claus, Tommie Connor

Today’s story features a popular song sheet from the Stirling Smith collections. British song writer Tommie Connor produced both the music and lyrics for ‘I saw Mommy kissing Santa Claus’, which has been a regular hit in the charts since it was first recorded in 1952. It was commissioned by

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Stirling Christmas Card

Stirling Christmas Card, 1904

The view may be familiar but the Christmas card is from another era – from the time when Stirling was a printing and publishing town, and when the words from Sir Walter Scott’s Lady of the Lake about ‘the bulwark of the North, Grey Stirling with her towers and town’

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